Nursing Care in Winter park

When severe and chronic health problems are affecting someone you love, you may think the only option is the hospital. But the convenience of home care can make all the difference in any person's quality of life. Happily, we offer in-home senior care services that help ensure your family member's health needs are met. It's quality, personalized medical support, and attention, without the hospital.

What is acute care nursing?

Nursing acute care is one of the most popular forms of home care. In this case, nurses give elderly patients a wide range of cost-effective care depending on their personal needs. After the client is diagnosed, the home care nurse will consult with a physician to develop a plan of nursing care to meet specific objectives.

In-home nursing care near me in New York

Our Home Caregiver agency provides high-quality home care services in New York City that include a wide range of medical services provided by licensed nurses, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

The cost of private nursing care at home is usually less expensive than hospital and nursing home health care, but they are just as effective. So you don't have to worry about the quality of care offered by your home care provider.

Managing medications

The drive to the doctor's office for procedures such as infusions and injections can be difficult, especially for the elderly or during periods of illness. Our nurses provide in-home medication management assistance, thereby saving your family the worry of taking medications. This assistance includes:

  • Prescribing and administering medications.
  • Intravenous administration.
  • Medication therapy for diabetes.

Best care nursing home

The benefits of receiving specialized skilled nursing care at home, in the comfort of your own home, are great. We work with your loved one to design individualized care plans so they can get through the day the way they see fit. Let us help with your family's complicated medical needs, such as:

  • Basic wound care/bandage changes;
  • Caterer care (catheter insertion and maintenance);
  • Stoma/colostoma care;
  • Bowel program;
  • Oxygen therapy, oral aspiration;
  • Enteral feeding/probe feeding.

The registered nurses provide in-home health checks and basic vital signs monitoring, directly reporting to health care providers to assure effective care management and consistency of care.

Seek help only from professionals!

Our home care nursing in NYC staff is qualified medical professionals who are always carefully tailored to your loved one's situation, whatever it may be.

Contact our Home Caregiver agency today for more information on how we can help.

Freequently Asked

Do you have questions on how home care works, who provides care, or who pays for it? We have answers for all of that and more!

How do you know when your parent needs a nursing home?
In-home nursing care provides an alternative for families looking for care for their aging parents. Licensed healthcare providers can help with daily tasks, from keeping track of medications to assisting with baths and dressing. They can also provide oversight and monitoring to ensure that your parents are safe while remaining in the privacy and comfort of their own home.
How long do seniors live in nursing homes?
Are you or someone you know in need of in-home nursing care? You don’t have to look far, there are plenty of qualified nursing home professionals located near you who can provide the care and support needed. Whether it's for a long-term chronic health condition or injury rehabilitation, these professionals have the experience and skill set necessary to help get your loved one back on their feet. With an average stay of only 5 months, it's important to make sure that proper care planning is taken into account.
What is the difference between a nursing home and a retirement home?
Home care nursing services are a more personalized form of care, tailored to meet the individual needs of those who need care and their families. Home care nurses bring their expertise in providing medical treatment and physical help directly into clients’ homes. Nursing services can include end-of-life care, comprehensive post-hospitalization care, chronic disease management, wound, and skin care, as well as procedures for mental health issues. They also provide specialized treatments such as intravenous medications or infusion therapy.